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Our robust investment technology solutions empower registered investment advisors and financial advisors to sufficiently manage client portfolios and make proactive, data-driven decisions.

Our investment technology solutions conduct analytics that matter.

Tasked with the challenge of managing several clients’ investment needs, Financial Advisors can become easily overwhelmed by the ocean of information and complicated data surrounding their clients’ portfolios. Advisors need to be equipped with sophisticated tools that continually process and analyze the evolving landscape of portfolio data.

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Our software employs the latest technologies that automate mundane processes and enrich investment data, enabling advisors to tackle complex challenges and deliver exceptional investment services to their clients.

Imperative industry standards include the ability to:

  • Proactively communicate with clients regarding portfolio performance
  • Quickly display key performance indicators in a comprehensible manner
  • Generate real-time reports and illustrate driving forces behind performance results
  • Systematically dissect and evaluate disparities between portfolio performance and the benchmark.
Comprehensive Reporting


Performance, Risk Analysis, Compliance, and more.

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WOMBAT is our leading investment reporting software, providing secure, on-demand access to a user-friendly interface with dynamic analytic capabilities.

Financial advisors can comprehensively view and manipulate their clients’ portfolio performance, risk, and compliance data.

Uncover the real data driving your portfolio results through our sophisticated and affordable reporting tool.

Committed to Growth

Embedded in the foundation of our culture is a spirit of continuous improvement. We strive to employ our deep knowledge of the investment industry and advanced computer programming skills to elevate our current software and release additional innovative solutions for financial advisors and RIAs.

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Our powerful investment technology solutions provide the insights you need to uncover the real data driving your portfolio results.

Better data, complex reporting, and 24/7 access are just a click away.