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What is WOMBAT?

WOMBAT is our cutting-edge investment software. Employing our proprietary computational models, WOMBAT aggregates and normalizes vast quantities of raw data from the trading market, benchmark data, and individual portfolios. Through our secure online portal, users have access to comprehensive tables, interactive charts, and on-demand reports.

Detailed Reporting in Minutes



  • Analyze portfolio returns across varying time frames
  • Compare performance data with several commonly used benchmarks
  • Create charts & graphs for visual display of returns


  • Analyze volatility across key risk indicators
  • Compare multiple portfolios to identify risk and return trends
  • Apply various filters and sorting options to detect anomalies among portfolios


  • Measure a portfolio’s conformity to the client’s investment guidelines stated in the Investment Policy Statement
  • Customize the regulations and guidelines for each portfolio
  • Clearly recognize when a portfolio violates compliance thresholds


On-Demand Reporting

WOMBAT generates several portfolio reports at the click of a few buttons, including:
  • performance
  • compliance
  • holding
  • reconciliation
  • risk
  • & transaction reports
With the software’s internet access, reports use real-time data and are always available to users.

Sophisticated Analytics

WOMBAT provides a variety of grouping and filtering functions that allow you to break down portfolio data and display explicit results across numerous indicators.

Financial advisors are given a comprehensive view of all their clients’ portfolio data and can compare performance, risk, and compliance across their portfolios in global reports. Our software is thoroughly tested by investment professionals to ensure calculation accuracy and data reliability at all levels.

Cost Effective

Alternative to high-end investment software, WOMBAT provides several of the same crucial analytics at a reasonable cost. The goal of Winthrop Technology Solutions is to deliver exceptional and effective investment tools in an affordable price range.

Looking for More Information?

Click to download the WOMBAT brochure (PDF).

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