Adding value to investors through effective investment solutions.

In March of 2018, Gregory J. Hahn formed Winthrop Technology Solutions, LLC (WTS) as a branch of the investment advisory firm, Winthrop Capital Management. The new company released its first technology solution, WOMBAT in 2018. WTS is privately owned and based in Indianapolis, IN.

A Culture of Innovation

We value continuous improvement as we perpetually update and develop our technology to deliver long-term investment management solutions to our clients

“If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.”

– Steven Johnson

What we do.

Our carefully engineered software gives financial advisors access to real-time data and innovative technology that delivers reliable and user-friendly solutions to simplify complex investment management challenges. We provide technology solutions to investors and financial advisors, allowing them to access and analyze the details of their portfolios through our internet server.
With our extensive experience in the investment industry, we’ve seen the need for a sufficient and cost-effective alternative to expensive, high-end investment software. Our technology offers investment solutions that drive analytic decisions. And we do it at a reasonable cost.

Why we do it.

Powerful Analytics
Built for you

Our powerful investment technology solutions provide the insights you need to uncover the real data driving your portfolio results.

Better data, complex reporting, and 24/7 access are just a click away.